Hidden Gems for Listening to Music Online

Published on Author Dave1975

Listen to enough music online and you will inevitably come across cool little tips and tricks that make the experience a whole lot better. I posted about some of these a few years ago on akaraff.com and I am glad to see they are all still working.

m3u2iTunes If you are an iTunes user and ever tried to play an M3U playlist, you certainly know it does a horrible job. Instead of loading the M3U as a seperate playlist, iTunes adds individual links to the songs all over your library. You have to play each song individually and of course things quickly become a mess. Thats where m3u2iTunes comes in. Install this little bugger, click on a M3U playlist, and watch it go to work. m3u2iTunes will create a seperate playlist, aply named M3U Internet Stream, within iTunes for you to stream. No more mess, just pure M3U goodness. p.s. I would love to know why Apple hasnt fixed this yet. (Heres an sample M3U playlist if you want to play around with it)

LastFM Proxy Simply put, this application will allow you to stream any Last.FM playlist through your iTunes. This is key for those folks who used an Airport Express to listen to iTunes streamed music through your Hifi. I dont use this anymore because I ponied up the cash for AirFoil (see below) but it is still a great, free alternative for letting your Last.FM breath a bit.

Playlist Greasemonkey Script -Internet Explorer users need not apply. This simple greasemonkey script will scan every web page you browse in search of MP3 links. When links are found you will see a little speaker icon in the corner of your browser. Click on the icon and a M3U playlist containing the found tracks will be generated and downloaded. Install m3u3iTunes and the playlist will automatically flow into iTunes. This is a very handy tool for those who frequent MP3 blogs and want a quick way to sample the goods.

Rogue Amoebas AirFoil Airfoil is great. It is targetted for folks who use an Airport Express or Apple TV for streaming audio to their Hifi. Normally you can only stream iTunes sourced tracks to these devices but AirFoil changes all that. Install the application and it will allow you to stream sound from any application running on your PC. That means if you are listening to tracks on the Hype Machine, Airfoil will seemlessly stream the audio to your Airport Express/Apple TV. Very slick and well worth the investment.

Give me more! I am always looking for cool and innovative ways people are listening to music online so please do share.