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Limitless Factors That Go Into Finding New Music

Published on Author Dave1975

As I do on most Saturdays, I went to my local record store, Newbury Comics. They were having a moving sale which meant there was less to choose from but I could buy twice as much as I normally do. What a good start to the day.

As I browsed around, I began to think about how I choose the music that I buy. In most cases it is based on recommendations from friends, songs I have heard on the radio, or MP3 blogs I have read. Sometimes though I walk into a store, as I did this morning, with no set list of music in mind. What drives these types of purchases?

Personally I think it is instinct. This innate knowledge of what music you will like is based an unlimited number of factors that blends your own life experiences with the music genres that are laid out before you. This powerful combination of memories, images, sounds, emotions, and curiosity in conjunction with how music is inherently categorized helps guide you through the sea of artists and ultimately deliver you what you want, or more importantly, what you need. Whats great is that your needs could change every time depending on the moods or thoughts that are following you around on that specific day.

Try it out sometime. Go to a record store without a game plan and let go. Of course you will end up with some duds every once in a while, but in most cased I bet you will be surprised at the great things you end up with.

The albums that I bought today represent what happens when I let my instinct take over. Today it all worked out nicely.



Artist: The D.O.C.
Album: No One Can Do It Better
Why: In high school all I listen to was Rap. I used to play the first song on this album every time I got into my 1985 Buick Century. Dr. Dre produced, this is rap before it became crap.

Dear ScienceArtist: TV On The Radio
Album: Dear Science
Why: I have known about them for a while now but never really got into their music. I have been hearing their new tracks on recently and felt it was time to get on the wagon once and for all.

DJ Mark FarinaArtist: DJ Mark Farina
Album: Mushroom Jazz Six
Why: This is the only selection that I brought home on Vinyl and is another one I had never heard. I own other selections by Mark Farina and enjoy his chill jazz selections. They are great when you are looking relax, lounge around, and do some listening.