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Clearing the Brain by Walking and Taking Pictures Around Harvard Square

Jan 4th 2009
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I just picked up a new lens for my Nikon D70s yesterday and it has quickly pumped life back into an old hobby. I have been using the Nikkor 18-70mm that came with my camera for the past 2 years. It is a great lens but I really have been hankering for a some more zooooom. After putting the purchase off for a while I finally bit the bullet and dropped the pesos for the Nikkor 18-200mm. I could not ask for a better everyday lens. Read Ken Rockwell’s review if you are interested in hearing more about it. Up close or from a distance this lens has got it covered. The only other lens I need now is the Nikkor 12-24mm super wide angle and I will be all set.  I may just have to sneak that bad boy into the wedding registry. :)

Sp, with my new gear in tow I headed out this morning to take some pictures. I find that getting up early on a Sunday morning with nothing but a cup of coffee and a camera is a great way to clear the brain and prepare for the week ahead. Here are some shots I took on my journey around Harvard Square. I plan to do this every week and with a few photography lessons strewn though out the year I am hopeful, and excited, to see the progress I make with my pictures.


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